Aug 5, 2019
Irishchatter (All reviews)
I continued watching this watchbait of softcore hentai til I pretty much became bored of it after episode 5. I do appreciate the comedy like I've hardly seen any hentai types that try to add a sprinkle of good comedy (yet!) which was good for starters such as myself to watch it.

The voice actors were really good on their performances. It's a shame they weren't credited on this page, it would've been interesting to see who did what. Especially the ones who did the main characters Ryou and Souma because they sure sounded like a terrific couple lol!!

It's also a shame that each episode is minutes too short in order for us to get to know every character a lot better. This way it doesn't have to be only focusing on the usual MC couple. To add, the story should've been a lot deeper then be all just always light -hearted and sexy.

Art was good enough but rather blotchy and too bright in some parts. I dig the eyes of the anime characters but that's really all there is to it.

Yeah guys just go watch this if it's your thing but I felt it wasn't trying hard enough to keep me watching more episodes....