Aug 4, 2019
Tzugumi (All reviews)
Minor spoilers

First of all I have to start with saying that this anime isn't for everyone. This is the episode 0 of the upcomming Fate/GO babylonia arc which is the seventh singularity in the Fate/GO mobile game.

This episode is aimed at the Fate fans who have been waiting patiently for there to be a real anime adoptation of the fate/go series and from what i saw in this teaser, my expectation went even higher.

The episode is mainly a prequel to the Fate/GO movie and shows the story of Dr. Roman as he was taking care of Mash during her earlier years. The episode is packed with easter eggs from the game, things such as evo items etc.

We also get to see a complation of the previous singularites which was a real treat for me as a Fate/GO fan, and i can't wait until the next episode releases in October