Aug 4, 2019
BlueEclispe (All reviews)
Our main character is transported from another world to one of fantasy with his class. In this world he gets a somewhat useless magic skill and has to fight in a labyrinth. He gets betrayed by one of his classmates, falls down a deep hole causing everyone to think he is dead and this is where our main story starts. Im rushing through all of this because the show does too.
In this hole he is forced to eat monsters to survive, he learns that eating monsters gives him more and useful powers so he goes on a killing spree to get more powers and we follow him from there.

The story is hard to follow because it is as if they are trying to get through 5 chapters of the source material every episode. On top of that according to manga readers they are cutting a lot out. At this point people watch it more to make fun than anything else.
That and it has a 300 year old loli.

What also doesn't help the show is it's cgi. It is as if they does not even try to blend in with the 2d characters and background including the characters weapons. It is very uncanny, if you thought you saw bad cgi before you didn't know how low the bar could be.

Overall, keep your expectations low if you watch this and treat it more like a weird comedy. That or read the manga because that was popular before this anime.