Aug 3, 2019
Drangu5_Khan (All reviews)
This is a straight up blast. The tourney-style plot kicks you off right away and the action is 10/10. If you're looking for a straight forward, brutal AF, super well drawn battle of humans and gods with zero exposition this is for you.

It is very self aware of what it is never taking itself seriously. It embraces the hell out of that fact pushing everything to 11.

The story is nothing to write home about and is generic at its foundation. But it still manages to be really unique and enthralling while being very well paced.

Each character gets a little backstory and the author actually makes you care what is going on. Despite the absurdity of everything that's happening.

Similar in ways to manga like Hellsing, Drifters and Fate series. Mostly in that the majority of characters are historical figures.

The art is dope and has great comedy.

Check it out, its a quick read and is only on chapter 19.