Aug 3, 2019
Sommeil-Eternel (All reviews)
I am not a person who writes reviews, but I couldn´t stand seen so many bad reviews related to this beautiful anime.

The STORY is a shojo, which involves drama, it havent reached any point of talking about love, you can get a hint of it, but the story doesnt goes aroung people getting in love and dating. The ART the animation is good, is a shojo story so you cant expect to see an awesome battle animation that you get to see in shonens. The MUSIC is beautiful and relaxing and makes all your problems to go away and just enjoy the show, it keep the same type of music during the whole show.

For me the best part of this anime so far is the CHARACTER development, is not rushing, and they touch topics that resembles real life (taking a side of the zodiac animals), it passes to topics of overcoming a parent lost, gangster bands, bullying, being apart of someone you love or from your parents. I have to say it and its not a "normal/typical" shojo as some describe it, it doesnt follows a love relationship of just to highschool students (which I dont believe is boring or bad), it goes deep in the story of all the characters, not just the principals.
I ENJOY it a lot it makes my heart to feel warm, I highly recommend it for someone that wants to get a calm and relaxing feeling, if what youre looking for is action, battlef ights like in a shonen, this anime is not for you. If you´re going to watch it you have to do it without any prejudgment