Aug 3, 2019
BlueNeonAG (All reviews)
"Masterpiece Novel got misunderstood because of the bad adaptation"

Arifureta is one of the few series that got really popular in Japan by just a novel, it got 3 Audio CD before the anime announcement and the sell is so good when compared to other popular anime series

for the Anime, it got really bad storytelling on ep1 (much better on ep2+). for the animation and visual side, it around average and it still enjoyable

for those people who have been told or heard that "the author is so picky about the staff so the anime got delay by 1 year and the animation got worst lol" well, trust me the current version is thousand times better than the first version

give the manga a short, if you want more then the light novel, if you want even more then the web novel.
I swear with my life, it worth your time