Oct 18, 2010
LunaWingz (All reviews)
Yukikaze is a breathtaking piece of work. At a glance it is unarguably about air battles, but don't mistake it for another 'Last Exile'.

It is a mature work that requires a lot of effort in order to appreciate. The plot is complex and spirals in a maze that makes it hard to differentiate which is reality and dreams. Though it can be hard to decipher, it corresponds to the complexity of both Yukikaze's and Rei's personality. The developing personality of Yukikaze and the repression of Rei's is fascinating and intriguing. Along with the frustration as an audience of the incomprehensible actions of Yukikaze and Rei resounds in Jack, who is Rei's commander and seemingly his only friend, it weaves an intricate story. Rei's inner struggle as he drifts between humans and Yukikaze is the feature of this show. Minus point for some plot-holes, but it otherwise leaves you gripping your seat through the battles and the winding plot gives a bittersweet taste at the end.

The seamlessly woven cg and traditional artwork into the blend of raging air battle is absolutely heart-stopping. The sheer amount of detail is extraordinary and does justice to the story. The art direction emphasises the plots and the feelings of both pilot and plane, a feeling of isolation, alienation and occasionally frustration.

This is not an anime to be missed for both lovers and haters of this genre. The time spent watching this was well-spent and most definitely unforgettable.