Aug 1, 2019
Short_Circut (All reviews)
tl;dr: A short sweet and wholesome love story with very little drama and an enjoyable cast


Not much to say with this type of format, most chapters are your average SoL style chapters which depict the main couple doing various things. Pretty much most chapters follow similar patterns with the setup of the chapter, something flirty happens, the main female lead puts on a yandere-esc face to hide her embarrassment, cuteness follows. Nothing too groundbreaking but at the same time nothing that wouldn't be boring


Really well done, bit off at times but overall it effectively portrays the cuteness of this manga. Shikimori's yandere faces are pretty high quality though


Both characters are good fun to see together, Izumi being the beta as hell, shy MC (I guess he isn't as beta seeing as he got himself a girlfriend) and Shikimori is the more alpha/commanding of the 2. Honestly this kind of setup makes it seem like it'd be one of those romances where it feels really forced, but I found it to be the exact opposite, the couple were perfect together.

Not much in terms of side characters, there are a few of Shikimori's friends that get mentioned once or twice, but clearly, the main focus was designed on the central couple


I do have a bias with this since I tend to generally enjoy cute wholesome romances, but if it means anything I did find this one to be one of the better ones. The chapters are kinda short which does suck, but overall it is a fun read. Recommend unless you're looking for muh deep plot/characters or such