Jul 31, 2019
LilLizardPenis (All reviews)
Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi plot is about a High school boy named Kazama, Souma is in love with his sister since a child. His sister Kazama, Rin is a teacher at Souma’s school who also loves him back but can’t admit it because they are teacher and student. He decides to write a love letter to ruin which gets tore up and rejects him. He turns to the school nurse Mizushiro, Hazuki for help. Hazuki tries to console Souma by giving him a pill and then proceeds to have sex with him because his semen makes girl fall in love with him. Rin finds them and is given 10 days to believe them about the pills effects. Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi has a good plot and the artwork and animation and just amazing. What I like is that they come back to the nurse and don’t leave her out in the 10 days. They also let us see what happens after Rin finally confesses to Souma. But this is also a con because during that scene we witness something that drops this from an 8 star show to a 7 star show. The scene I am talking about is when Souma fucks the bellies of Hazuki and Rin. This is such a turn off for me. I can deal with pregnancy and rather like them but this is a no no for me. But overall this a amazing show and I do recommend it for people who are just starting their hentai career.