Jul 29, 2019
Kurenai_Shu (All reviews)
I feel like I'm watching someone grind in an MMO.

This is garbage and I say this as a person that likes the isekai genre.
The thing is, they kinda forgot about the "isekai" part. There's no transportation to another world in this anime because for some reason they skipped it. The pacing is terrible, instead of things playing out as they should they put everything into flashbacks, confusing everyone. And honestly that might have been their goal considering that if you haven't read the source material, nothing in this adaptation is going to make sense. I'm 4 episodes in and if I hadn't read the explanations by ln readers, I would be completely lost.

This anime has two major flaws. The first one, is obviously the animation. CG that makes Overlord 3 look good is the norm here. The opening doesn't even have any animation with barely any art, just quickly finished pictures of characters without their faces.

Second, the pacing / story. Sitting through episode 4 was torture. The whole episode was just 1 fight against an unnamed enemy creatures. And that's how it has always been for the most part. The MC just killing random mobs and looting them, sometimes I feel like I'm watching someone grind in an MMO. Because they're monster npc they have no personality and it's just not fun. I'm not saying that fighting against monsters has to always be boring, it COULD have been fun, had the animation been good. But 20 minutes of 1 fight with animation straight from a PS1 game.. oh god kill me.

The whole anime just moves too slowly and that it's number 1 problem. At this point I doubt we will even see him finish the dungeon before the season ends.