Jul 29, 2019
Baba_Zone1 (All reviews)
As this manga is now officially complete and i assume people want to read this because it's finished so the best opportunity to read this series.

Does it reach the heights as the legendary sports manga/anime like Hajime no Ippo, Major, Slam Dunk, Ashita no Joe.... well nope this is a serviceable sports manga however its a fun read.


This is honestly the biggest highlight for me, it damn impressive framing and considering this is drawn in a weekly schedule idk how the author does this amount of detail this ridiculously fast. Thats not really it though, good art is easy to appreciate like death note but framing more important ( where death note fails at) this succeeds. The Art the framing .... tells the story and what can be considered pretty cliche and general okay in terms of writing is goes to new heights because as a whole it works wonderfully.

Story/Writing :

if u read a sports manga ( or watch anime) you know the plot straight away and doesn't really stray from it too much its pretty standard. However, that said the author does a good job making characters likable and relatable pretty quickly they is really a lack of padding everything pretty much plot and concise.

This isn't a particular deep in writing like the ones i listed above however for what its worth it does a solid job. Its good knowing that this isn't only High School but also as a Professional.


as i said don't particularly amazing, its good though for what its worth. It gives u some perspective of the life style of a wrestler but i would like to know more about them. Like when u read Hajime no Ippo u really do feel u understand the lifestyle because ( author is an actual boxer trainer) the amount of time and detail the author puts in into his craft.

The Ending its not bad, its exactly as you expect however its the type of ending u feel like 30 pages was cut. This needed some sort of epilogue even the cliche main character marry Heroine and updates of all the former members....


Before MAL basically made 5-7 worthless, when i mean 6.7/10 that's a compliment, not a diss if the ending was better definitely give it a 7/10 however i just can't unfortunately. Everyone will have a fun time reading this manga for sure and it does emotional pretty well as a short person i do relate.