Jul 29, 2019
KyasutoNaito (All reviews)
Haikyuu! : Karasuno Kouou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Kouou Anime Review
By: Haruichi Furudate
July 25, 2019

This season consists of 10 episodes which only show the game between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa, which we know is the number one on their district. If the Season 2 has a slight hint of Kei Tsukishima trying to get better, loving volleyball, this season made him the MVP of the game. Though all of the characters have played their cards, Tsukishima Kei exhaust all of his efforts, and will in order to win the game. You will see a new born Tsukishima, get out on his shell, and expressing emotions we'd never seen before. Even if this is a 10 episode one game only, it is not boring. It tackles every aspects of the game and a right shade of memories has been shown. It is by far the most satisfying game in Haikyuu!


Overall: 10

Plot: 10

Haikyuu! is a sports genre anime, mainly tackling about Volleyball. In this kind of story, there's only one direction it will go through. There are practice matches, competitions, win lose set up. They have only one goal, to win. It will all be the same. The skill to make it unique, interesting, exciting to watch or read is what makes the difference. The story of each and every characters. Their struggle, their persistence, it's what make this kind of genre great. Haikyuu! is one of those sport type anime who can make the viewer scream with excitement. This series will not only make you hope of victory for them, but can also make you want more. Their battle from the bottom of the rally until the top is nerve racking, satisfying, and real great.

Character: 10

Every characters have a story to tell. Each of them have fears that they need to overcome. Each of them have that greatness that they don't know until someone pushes them. I love how every characters have that spotlight to tell their story, even if they are not one of the main characters. It was good that it explained why they are doing such thing because of that experience. Apart from that, the efforts exhausted by the main character to reach his dream, even if it is nearly impossible is really something. Though it seems like everything is against that goal, he is making his best effort to compete with that flaws. And that focus will lead to something magnificent, that's for sure.

Sound and Animation: 10

I really love how the characters were made. I like the expression of their faces when they are mad, when they are angry or they are focus to fight. Apart from that, the differences on their image, from their faces to the structures of their body is something unique for me. It's really hard to create characters difference from each other. The voices of the characters has been picked in a way that it really adds up to the attitude of what they are potraying. It was an incredible watch.

Enjoyment: 10

Oikawa, can you be mine? He is so handsome and his character is too unique. There's never a dull moment watching this series. The spices was divided perfectly. The fun scenes, the serious ones, it all matches. What I like the most is how they focused on their goal, how much feelings and efforts they've put just to grab it and make it their own.

Ending: 10

Losing is just the beginning. Losing is not everything. It's just a lesson we need to learn. Losing on the last match of the series is inevitable. It is needed for the characters to grow. It is needed for them to know what they need to improve. I guess, losing is a blessing in disguise is really true. This ending reminded me of Kuroko no Basket. They did have the same ending, same feeling of pain, same feeling of wanting to improve more. In this kind of scenario, in this part of story, I think this is the best ending.