Jul 29, 2019
KyasutoNaito (All reviews)
I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Movie Review
By: Show Tsukikawa
July 2, 2019

Overall: 10

Plot: 10

What if life is just a troublesome thing to you? What if living meant as barely breathing? What if you already accepted the fact that life won't be as interesting as some people think it is? And then one day, someone came and changed the way you see it as a whole. One day, your life which only shaded by black or gray, is now delighted by different colors reflecting the kinds of feelings you have encounter because of her. The story tackles on changes of people, as well as the significant of life. It shows the importance of living, the joy you might feel cherishing every moments, the will to live. It was kindof cliche, in a way of how the story goes on, but there are still scenarios who will make it differ than the rest. For those audience who wanted a heartbreak, a break from a fantasy or a happy ending story, this one will be a great watch.

Character: 10

There are those people whose really optimistic. Whatever problem life hit on them, you will always see the smile on their faces. And then, there are those who carry the burden of the world. Both characters lead their role with a very natural charisma. Whichever side they're on, whether it'd he on a positive or negative note, they give off a vibe that will make you love them. Both of the main characters sustain each other, and made each other their strength to keep on living. They both struggle with their best, they both open their hearts to understand.

Sound and Animation: 10

The animation of the story looks like Kimi no Nawa. It is pleasant in the eye, it has a very peaceful vibe. The calmness of it seemingly shows death and life. Adding the song of the story which can really break the heart of its listener. It was sweet, and mellow, but it can torn your feelings into pieces.

Enjoyment: 10

Letting your feelings run wild, crying and expressing the same emotions that the character have, is enjoyment for me. That just means that the creator successfully fulfill his goal to make his audience feel the same experience of his characters. This movie did hurt the audience feelings. Also, it is exciting to see that my predictions in how the story goes, how it ends, went wrong. It is one of the satisfaction a creator of a story can feel. That his audience made a mistake predicting the plot of his story.

Ending: 10

Who would have thought it will end that way? Never did I expected that I'll gasp my mouth, shocked on how rapid and out of the blue the situation turn out to be. Though it turn out to be really good. We all know that it has a sad ending and that's why I watch it in the first place. I really love how twisted the author is, turning the climax of the story into something like that.