Jul 27, 2019
sammyk124 (All reviews)
If it's for my Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord is quite possibly the most adorable show you will ever see and I recommend giving it a watch.

This show offers practically the sweetest little anime girl you will ever witness along with the ever-so caring, yet badass Dale who loves Latina more than anything else in the world. This dynamic is refreshing and pleasant in the way it's presented and allows this anime to earn such a high score.

Not only does the mystery element behind Latina rope you in, but the story is executed in a well-paced manner and gets entertaining in places you do not expect, surprising you and keeping you on your toes. The story shows potential especially involving the little knowledge we have about the world and the glimpses we get of the workings.

The side characters are enjoyable and contribute to the story very well, the animation is fitting to the series though some errors can be spotted and the music is sweet. The opening and ending are cute, Latina sings the opening and Dale sings the ending. Main characters Latina and Dale have a lovable relationship that makes you want to see them every week. Dale is obsessed with Latina and you can't help but get obsessed too. He's easily such a likeable character, considering how he's the top adventurer in the city but turns into utter mush whenever he sees Latina do basically anything or whenever has to leave her. Poor guy just wants to see his little Latina, his Papa bear side has to be the best thing ever.

Anyways, watch the show. Don't second guess or doubt it, just watch it. It's genuinely entertaining and you'll get a kick out of seeing the living paradox that is Latina doing mundane chores like cleaning and cooking. Dale as a parent is an exact representation of us when we see Latina, let's all just agree to protect Latina at all costs.