Jul 27, 2019
Bluish (Manga) add (All reviews)
Maneki-Mew (All reviews)
Overall Grade: 7
Story: 7
Art: 8
Character: 7
Enjoyment: 8


First: The manga is written by the same mangaka as "Children of the Whales" and I really like this series as well. When I have seen the art of Children of the Whales, I thought ... I know this art style, I think!?

This is the kind of manga I want to write a review for, because everyone ignores its existence. At least, I'm getting this impression.
Unfortunately, there is a reason: I think, it should have become a longer series and I don't know the reason, but the series never had been continued anymore. Maybe, it wasn't popular enough or something had happened, I don't know this.
Still, I can write a review for the two volumes I own and not the story that could have been.
The owner of the bookstore had told me that the manga is completed in two volumes and since I had to sit in a train for three hours, I have bought both of them. For this train ride, I came to the conclusion that I really liked Bluish for what it had been in the end.
Although I think, I could have liked the manga even more, if it would have gotten the chance to become fleshed out. The story had a lot of potential in my eyes and I wanted to see how it could develop.


I bought the two volumes of the manga, because I loved the art of the cover. I really liked the style of their faces, the colors and how beautifully the art was drawn.
Especially, I like the mix of the art styles of the faces with the warm and harmonic colors from the cover. Also the black and white art from the inner pages looks stunning.
Every picture has depth and looks three-dimensional. The pages are full of details, but not crammed and there is a lot of care that flowed into every single drawing. The faces look very cute and all in all, the style is gorgeous, but at the same time "too beautiful" sometimes, I think. It looks a little bit artifical sometimes, but you can appreciate it, if you like this.
I think, it's a Shoujo, so you should expect very fragile and precious art, although here, it's not done with overdone, huge eyes. Here, I really appreciated the art.

The flow of and between the panels is very good and I personally thought that everything on the pages is well-erranged, so you could easily and intuitively understand what's going on in the pages.


The story revolves around three orphaned children and their supernatural powers. They are living on their own and try to survive somehow, while they are supporting, but also getting in conflicts, with each other and they're struggling with their daily life.
Then, someday, a girl turns their world upside down even more... there, I thought the manga could develop into a series of more volumes, but well... that didn't happen unfortunately.

I liked the story, the art and I especially liked the dynamics between and struggles of the children.
The relationship between the three children is the driving force of this manga in my eyes. They feel quite realistic and they are going through real and serious struggles. You might heard the plot about kids with their supernatural powers and going through some problems more often, but here, I got the feeling that the author cared to write them in a more realistic manner.
They appear like realistic siblings, they fight with each other, they secretely love each other nonetheless, and all of their interactions appear quite natural to me.
Their unique dynamics with each other gave them individually a more fleshed out personality as well.

Also, the kids don't struggle with the fact of not being able to control their supernatural powers alone. They became slowly marginalized by their environment, they want to interact with the outside world, but on the other hand, they cause a lot of problems for other people. So they try to stay away from others, although it's hurting them and it's painful nonetheless. Personally, I really could feel them.


I think, with their character dynamics, slowly developing story and art, it could have become a great manga, but unfortunately, it only has two volumes and is likely to never get completed.