Jul 26, 2019
Rafael_Jakutis (All reviews)

I always liked the premise of a character who is betrayed and driven by revenge to get stronger, but this manga does not use very well and ends up distorting halfway and ends in a horrifying way.
The manga is very similar to Arifureta, but unlike the one that gives up revenge and begins to focus on how to return to its original world, Dungeon Seeker remains obsessed with revenge, but the ending is so bad that the whole development of the story that It's cool becomes skippable.
About the story: Much of the work is interesting, but the ending spoils with virtually all of manga's development.
Characters: The main characters are well developed, except for the girl who causes the plot twist of the ending.
Art: Beautiful, nothing to complain about.
I recommend? If you like Arifureta and want a manga with a similar premise yes, however you might be disappointed with the ending.