Jul 26, 2019
gaq_t (All reviews)
Sadly this only got 2 episodes, if it got more, my rating would have probably been much different. There just wasn't enough time for the story, albeit in the 2 episodes everything was established and executed quite well.

Story: 4

I gave it a 4 mainly because of the ending, That was a BS doctor stoppage, I know the studio could have given the anime 5 more minutes to really finish the fight.

Art: 8

Not much to say, I'm just a big fan of the old aesthetic present in the anime.

Sound: 6

I liked the ED, but the OP was awful. The soundtracks were just average, not something I'll ever remember either.

Characters: 4

The only 2 likeable characters, were Ayane and her Coach - everyone else was either annoying or just boring like Kayako.

Overall: 6

I would recommend it to people who like fighting anime I guess, the fight scenes were pretty cool. I enjoyed it, though I was shorter than I hoped.