Jul 23, 2019
Maoru (All reviews)

Oh man, where should I start...
I was chilling with a friend at 1 a.m. when I saw this "gem"on the Japanese Youtube's recommendations page. We knew it was going to be a dumb kids show, but it turned up to be one of the weirdest and unironically funniest series I've watched in my entire life. This may be for kids, but it's way too weird, even for Japan's standards. Who would knew that a series about a Moai statue with hands would make a grown-up cry in tears? This series looks very bizarre and I can't ignore the soundtrack, possibly the most annoying piece of sound I've ever heard.
The scores I've given this anime are ironic, but I felt like doing a review on it because it is so silly and straight-up memeable. I still do not recommend this, but if you want to watch some of the weirdest piece of footage made by man, this is for you. Enjoy losing your brain cells.