Jul 21, 2019
Gambara1 (All reviews)
This is a solid movie.
Its story is pretty basic but enjoyable. A kid is in danger and bumps into a lone samurai. This samurai ends up killing dudes to help the kid. Now the Samurai and the kid are on a small journey that lasts about an 1.5hrs and bam movie is done.

I like this movie because almost anyone can pick this movie up and end up liking something about it. I'm saying almost just in case there's some person out there who only watches romance anime without any action whatso ever and sees this movie and is like "Actually I didn't like this movie".

The art is great and its fluid as fuck. The fight scenes are awesome.

Shit analogy:
This movies animation is like when you poop and its super smooth and it just slips out of your butt. No mess super clean super smooth. The animation is like that clean and smooth.