Jul 21, 2019
billpika (All reviews)
I feel like having to justify a 6 here. This show is alright. It is nothing significant, and that is ok. It is fluffy and light, and that is ok.

The animation is amazing; KyoAni never fails to deliver, even in slice of life comedies. Fight scenes, although sparse, are fluid and dynamic, as are the movements of characters as they perform actions such as cooking or cleaning.

It's all made with a ton of love and care, so what are the problems?

Well, the relationship between Kobayashi and Tohru is very... weird. Chalk it up to just being anime, but it really does get creepy at times. That power dynamic isn't balanced. Lucoa and Shouta as well, for obvious reasons. There's some really uncomfortable pedolphiliac undertones in this show. It really does sour my enjoyment despite the overall enjoyment I have of the wholesome slice of life/fish out of water comedy that makes up the bulk of the content. This show is good for seasoned anime watchers, but seriously, I wouldn't let anyone catch me watching this.