Jul 21, 2019
shoujosearching (All reviews)
When I think about it, I probably adored Yajirobee because of my own personal experiences with love and family. But I believe that speaks more to it’s quality. Shoujo manga being emotionally relatable is a rare feat to me, especially when it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard to do so.

The best part of Yajirobee is the focal relationship between step-dad Seiji and foster daughter Haru. They have an extremely casual relationship (Haru almost never calls him “Dad” and it’s weird when he’s labeled as one.) Together they’ve got a charming, heartwarming, witty and inspiring relationship. Haru realizing how much her father has been there for her and all he’s sacrificed to be with her is emotional, but also handled with subtlety.

That’s the other great thing about this manga; the subtlety. There’s beauty in the details, and Yajirobee is full of little ones that only enhance the experience on each read. Whether it’s a character’s facial expression, a one-off thought bubble, tiny character details, or the natural progression of emotion, Yajirobee does what it needs to do in it’s short length.

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