Jul 20, 2019
dulcetrefrain32 (All reviews)

To be honest I didn't that I would be writing this review. After episode one, I was thrilled for next week's episode to come. Episode one of the series is almost word for word of the original, which was what made me hopeful for this new series. Then episode two came and it was fair, but it didn't quite live up to the expectations of the previous episode. Then it kept getting worse. Much worse.
Now let's get out the art and animation out of the way. It's pretty, but that's about it. It doesn't add anything or even begin salvage how bad this reboot is. I cannot excuse some pretty frames for an awful execution. Most of the time the art is only pretty when it wants to be, there are countless frames that look ugly and sometimes downright scary. That's mostly a problem in far away shots. Not to mention this new art doesn't fit very well with the show's comedic moments, well when there is any, and I'll get into that.
I don't really have a lot to say about the sound, other than I don't like it. the music is nothing special, and the ops and eds are pretty sucky. Especially the first op, I have an extreme dislike for that one. There is also one background track that the show uses during dramatic that feels really unfitting and makes whatever dramatic moment that is occurring less shocking. That track honestly makes the scene less dramatic.
I have a lot to say about the new characters. Tohru, the main character, has been demoted to a pretty doormat. Tohru does pretty much nothing and waits for the plot to happen to her. She feels like a doormat that the plot and people constantly step on. her two friends are the best characters because they are the only characters you can't screw up no matter how hard you can try. Now let's get into the Zodiac, Hatsuharu and Ayame, my two old favorites, have been demoted to extra and exposition about Yuki. They only to serve that purpose and are not onscreen for any other reason. Ayame essentially lost all of the charm and comedy that he had in the old anime. Hatsuharu is the same way, the prove that's your real hair color scene is no longer as effective in pulling a laugh from me or anyone else I show it to. It gets worse, now let's talk about Kyo and Yuki. The old Kyo, the hot-headed, but soft-hearted Kyo, has been replaced. has been replaced by what, you may be asking, well, he's been replaced by a straight-up asshole. He's mean to essentially everyone, even Tohru and doesn't seem to give a crap about anyone around him. this new Kyo doesn't give me a reason to care about him or anything he wants to achieve. Yuki is just as bad, the sarcastic and satirical Yuki we all knew and loved, has also been replaced by a dry cracker. This new Yki has zero character, whose jokes always fall flat. This new Yuki has nothing, he's a cracker. A stale cracker that's out of date. Kyo and Yuki have some sort of trauma, but I don't even know what it is because it's only briefly implied, so I don't know the true extent of it. Like Yuki's backstory just seems like Akito painted freaking Picasso on the walls and it somehow scarred him. I don't even know where to begin in the supporting cast. Momiji and Hatori are characters only there for exposition as well. They don't do much of anything other than show up, give exposition and leave. I'll get into their backstories and how bad they are now, but other than that they don't really need to exist. This new Momiji is excruciatingly annoying, and I hate when he's on-screen. Now let's get to the most egregious examples of bad reboot characters, Shigure, Kisa, Hiro, and Akito. Shigure and Akito suffer the most in this reboot. Shigure lost everything that made him funny, for the sake of making him dark, mysterious, and sinister. That's his whole character now and it sucks to watch on screen. This twist was also revealed pretty early on making me hate every time he's on screen. Kisa is very crappy now. She's pretty much if Tohru and Yuki had a baby. A pretty doormat that has very mysterious trauma. She was bullied and stopped talking and then learned how to do it in like maybe 5 minutes because Kisa'a episode became Yuki's. I mean honestly, the show should be called Yuki's basket. Hiro is very bad too, like, I mean I know we all remember the old Hiro episode. And how dramatic the whole thing was, well they replaced Akito's slap with just Shigure and Hatori talking about it. We don't see it, we don't even see a reaction from Akito about it either. It's not very good. Akito, on the other hand, suffers another way. all of what made Akito scary and fearful in the old anime is gone. I don't know where it went, but it's gone. In the one scene with Hatori, I know we all remember who Akito threw that vase at Hatori then it hit him and then Akito went all crazy asking "Hatori what's wrong? Who hurt you?" Well, that's not there anymore. Akito isn't abusive or borderline bi-polar. This new Akito doesn't feel like an antagonist either, Akito feels more like an anti-hero and I don't like that. I don't even know what new Akito is. I guess he can paint though. It almost feels like this new show is trying to excuse Akito's actions on a sad childhood, and I will not stand for that.
The story suffers greatly because of the characters. The plot just kind of happens and nothing feels genuine. The story doesn't feel like it has an antagonist, and there's really only one protagonist with a bunch of extras. The story of the old anime goes as follows, A girl learns that a family is cursed and she goes down a path she never expected learning new things about herself and those around her, while ultimately accepting the curse as a new part of her life. You see that sounds great and that's what the old anime accomplished. This new anime however I don't even know what it's trying to do. the story feels like it has pacing issues, it goes fast then it slows down. Every element to the plot feels out of place as well. There is comedy, but only where you least expect it. The actual comedic moments in the show aren't funny, not even close. The funny moments come from the dramatic moments. Whenever one comes on I burst out in laughter because of how poorly they are handled. Like when Momiji's mom tried to commit suicide well when she tried to stab herself this big bass drum pounds. The music also makes the moment funny because right, when whatever is shocking, is shown all you hear is a bass drum pounding once. The bass drum is so random and it makes the scene funny.
The only thing I enjoy about this show is how bad it is. I only come back weekly to see if the new episode can stoop even lower than the last. I don't recommend to anyone who hasn't watched the old one. If anyone is saying this show is a masterpiece then they haven't watched the old one. If you get anything from this review watch the old one if you haven't.