Jul 20, 2019
NiQ1 (All reviews)
Every anime season needs a cliche harem right? Well look no further. Seriously there's nothing really unique about this show compare to any other generic high-school harem.
The only thing that usually changes between shows of this genre is the background story and "Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai" is no exception - Take a students that's a little above average in all subjects (but emotionally an airhead) and a bunch of girls who are exceptionally talented in one subject but ridiculously bad in others then just throw them all together and have the girls, have them all fall in love with the guy and stretch it by having one who's too afraid to confess, one who's not willing to admit to herself that she wants him and another that simply doesn't know it yet herself. Now where did I hear this story before? Maybe more or less every single harem I've ever watched. After the first few episodes even those few background story things (like one of the girls trying to analyze classic Japanese literature as a series of equations) disappear and you get a truly 100% generic harem. Of course, 3 girls is never enough so let's throw in a teacher and an alumni as well so they're not high-school kids to make it "super unique"... not.
Nothing much to say about the art... As moe as virtually any other harem.
Bottom line - If you've never watched a harem before (are there any people who even fall into this category) you may watch this one as well as any other. If you're the type that enjoys the usual harem cliches then go ahead, this one is not better or worse than any other. If however you've already watched a fair share of harems and don't want the same thing all over again then you should probably skip this one because that's exactly what it is.