Jul 19, 2019
Socita (All reviews)
This review contains #Spoilers, so be warned.

To put it simply, I loved this show. It was very fun to watch.

Story: 7/10
Story-wise, it was a bit lacking, but that to be expected of a multi-season anime. Many things were left unanswered and the show could have gone to many directions. I think they should have built up the final fight with Rabou more. I mean thought Yato's main antagonist was Bishamon at first, but that whole situation was cut short. Then Nora came along, and Rabou appeared outta nowhere without proper buildup. Thus, I guess Nora is supposed to be the main antagonist and she just used Rabou to make Yato revert back to his old ways? Still, I loved the emotional connections between the three main protagonists. I feel like it's a more of a character-driven show because the characters are actually the show's strongest point.

Characters: 9/10
As I mentioned, the main characters are the best thing about the show. Yato's a beautifully written character. He's such a complex and interesting guy. He is a scary god and a dork. He is caring and harsh. He is tortured and silly. He is vulnerable and strong. I just love his character! Yukine's character is also fascinating. Just like any teenager, he can annoy the hell outta you, but he's just a scared lonely child at the end of the day. As for Hiyori, she is best girl! She's the heart of the group and such a lovely dork. However, when it comes to antagonists, it's the show's weak point. Rabou was forgettable, Nora was unlikable and Bishamon can't even be considered a proper antagonist. I don't know who "father" that Nora was talking about is, but hopefully he'll be a worthy antagonist for Yato.

Sound: 10/10
The VAs have done such a phenomenal job on this show. Going from sadness to anger to happiness to silliness, it was all portrayed so beautifully. As for the music, the show probably has one of the greatest soundtracks out there.

Art: 9/10
I really liked the animation and art style. It's very interesting. I loved the animation of the fight scenes a lot, too! It has its weaker moments, though. Nonetheless, it was very good overall.

Enjoyment: 9/10
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to starting the second season very soon.