Jul 18, 2019
ragiolow (All reviews)
After waiting for so long (almost 5 years) for the second season of one punch man , I am left feeling disappointed by the sequal of one punch man. Initially, when the announcement that the second season of opm will be made by j.c. staff .I felt shocked as such an amazing anime that was well appraise by worldwide audience and had gained mainstream in the community was handed over to jc staff out of all the animation company there is for an action anime , and true enough my deepest fear of opm s2 of becoming just ‘another anime’ has come true – to me opm s2 has become just another anime in I will forget about in the coming years.
The story of opm was good. Though saitama didn’t get much screen time this season the introduction of the new characters such as garou and his backstory actually felt kind of good to watch.
This is where I was left frustrated by the animation of opm s2. To start off, the animation is not consistent at all. The animation for the first few episode is almost different than the other episodes, it as if jc staff’s staff themselves were unsure how to animate opm to an action anime. Furthermore, most of the fighting scene involved is quite bad as it was too short to begin with and the most annoying thing is the smoke and sparks that are released when characters fight was over used to the point that it was kind of hard to focus on the characters fighting . Though credit should be given to jc staff for the amzing 3D centipede and the last fighting scene . Furthermore, the animation for the usual characters when they are not fighting is good.
Sound – 5
The op and ed for opm s2 was ok . The background music in the anime was also ok.
The character for season 2 is actually good as this time we get to know more new characters in opm including good guys and bad guys more in depth .The characters are also interesting and have unique traits that make the anime worth watching.
Though there are many flaws in this sequal of opm , I still enjoy watching the anime as the story and characters are good enough for me to watch. Though the fighting scene is kind of average or even below average compared to the first season which left me disappointed, in the end I am just grateful to get a second season after 5 fooking years.