Jul 18, 2019
Zintern (All reviews)
TV Yarou Nanaana: Wakuwaku Doukutsu Land,

Looking at the title and the first episode I was not sure what to expect from the anime. It's got such a weird tone and way of handeling things that can't really be compared to other animes I've seen. Looking at animes in the same genre (comedy) they’ll focus a lot on the art being outragous and will have funny jokes to boot. This anime is more in the way of the three characters giving banter to each other and enjoying the ride towards the objective.

TV Yarou Nanaana takes a crew of 3 wacky filmcrew/comedians to investigate a treasure and bring up the ratings for the TV station. The 3 crew members try to find the treasure whilst encountering all sorts of strange situations and mysterious characters. Each character they encounter is unique in their own way.

The three character they focus on are;

Shichioka the film director, having to take charge of situations and leading the crew through the adventure.
Nanamori the cameraman, being a somewhat slow thinker but a hard worker. Finally arriving to
Shichiyama the sound guy, targeted both by Shichioka and Nanamori as a rooky in the field. These characters are the main focus of the anime and will entertain you throughout the whole anime with their banter and quips.

The story is rather simple, with a clear start and goal in mind. However, each episode cranks up the crazy and keeps it interesting throughout. Do not expect any conspiracies or deeper meanings to be present in this anime, because that’s not what it’s about. The anime does however comment on a few societal subjects that are common in Japan.

The art is something you'll have to get used to. It's a mixture of real objects with paper and paint. It's hard to describe but it looks quite good for the type of anime they're trying to achieve (that being a comedy).

This anime is not a run of the mill anime in any way, shape, or form. Episodes are 3-4 minutes long but each episode gives so much joy. The humor is often very dry, situational and slap-stick. Some may not like the humor, but I'm sincerely enjoying all the jokes that have been made. It’s quite unfortunate that the episodes are so short because I’d gladly watch 15 more minutes of the crew’s adventure each episode. However the short episodes might work in their favor due to it being more concise on the jokes each episode.

The voice acting for this anime is; "Different" in a good way. It feels like the characters i.e. voice actors are in a room together talking to each other. The banter this creates often feels very genuine. The characters that you follow each have their own charms and faults. They're always fun to watch as they continue on through their wacky adventures and will never bore you.

I'd certainly tune into TV Nanaana if it were a real tv station. Therefore, I'd highly recommend you watch this for some laughs and goofs!
8/10 for me!