Jul 17, 2019
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A manga that starts off really interesting, but doesn’t do well in going beyond the initial premise. 

This manga has a core story that is pretty cute with Sayoko pursuing Inaba being the main focus. Overall the relationship development was pretty solid and I thought it ended in a pretty satisfying manner. However, I think it was most interesting at the beginning and as it went on it started getting duller up until a bit of a spike at the end. It starts off being focused around Sayako’s strangeness and bizarre antics in going after Inaba, which was really amusing at first. But this remains the central aspect of the comedy from beginning to end, and to that end it started getting pretty repetitive. It seems to add more serious story later on to add more variety, but I feel these stories weren’t all that great, even if they ultimately did end up arriving at a good conclusion. The main reason for that is that they seem heavily character focused, and though Sayako is pretty interesting, most everyone else felt like pretty weak characters. Inaba had some character but not as much as was needed for one of the two main characters. The side characters felt like they had little to no character whatsoever, completely lacking personality and purpose. This combined with the slow pacing made it feel a lot like everything was simply dragging on at times. The art style too was really interesting at first, being an interesting combination of an art style that looked a bit shoujo like and a horror like art style. As it went on though, once the novelty wore off it didn’t seem all that great, and certain aspects of it like the repeating long faces just looked kind of dumb.