Jul 17, 2019
Beck (Anime) add (All reviews)
Sauron101 (All reviews)
The first time i came across this anime was when i was searching 'top anime ops' on youtube.This was on the list and i found it really cool.But didn't pay much attention on watching the anime.That was when i was a noobie in this anime world.
I am a music lover, mostly rock genre(metal,prog,grunge.alt rock...etc).One day i was searching for music related animes and i found beck which i thought was very underrated.So i kinda check some reviews on the internet ,and found out the music in this was amazing .Many people appreciated the songs so i started watching that night.I was really hooked with this anime so i watched it all night and finished the next morning.I really didn't want to finish it but not a chance.I became a hardcore fan of beck.And guess what i started learning to play guitar that day .I think 'moon on the water' was the first song i learned .Now the review

In my view, the story is what that fascinates me more in this anime.koyuki ,a young boy who was kinda lost ,who was fade up with his life.And who didn't know a thing about rock music becomes a rockstar to put this simply.A teenage boy's life slowly changed after he meets ryusuke and many other influeces like dying breed's songs which was recommended by his childhood friend izumi.
I think the story is very well written,for me the best.

The only thing i didn't like about this anime is the animation.its a 2004 anime so really not a problem but could have been better.But some parts had really good animations that is what amazed me,guitar jamming scenes had such a brilliant animations .Almost like cgi thing.If this gets a remake then i'll give it a 10 for sure.

The only anime who's dubbed version is better than the subbed for me.Yes,the sound in this is second thing i love.As i already mentioned the songs the voicing is the best.The rap rock songs that chiba sang are very influenced from RATM,the basslines are the best.I think Harold Sakuishi is a rock muisc fan too.

The show centered to the mc ,koyuki obviously.The character development for many characters are good.But some of the characters like izumi is decent.Could have been better.

I binged watched it.So , of course i enjoyed more than any other tv shows or anime.

To conclude,Beck really changed my life.I have forgotten how many times i have rewatched this.I even tried to start band after watching this.I have recommeded this anime to many of my friends but only music lovers loved this.Most of them just watched half way through this.For me Beck is the missing piece of my life.I have been playing guitar for 5 years. now i think i'm ready to start a band seriously.sorry for the grammar mistakes.