Jul 16, 2019
Nachovapr (All reviews)
Okay, this isn't going to take too long. First of all, this is my first review, and my english isn't perfect, so sorry for that. That aside, let's get to the point:

This is just amazing. It is a pure shock of endorphins. I've never felt like that reading a manga.

Story: 5/10
Okay, this definitely isn't the main purpose after this series. If you are expecting to get into an awesome story that will change your life forever... well, just skip it.
The plot is very simple: every 1000 years the gods (from the Greek deities to de Indian ones) make a meeting where they decide if the human being shall continue existing or not. This time they decided that they shouldn't, so they decide to exterminate them, but one Valkyre interrupt the meeting, since due to a old law, they humans had the right to fight for their existance in the Ragnarok, a short of 1vs1 tournament between 13 gods and 13 humans. Thats the whole story, simple as that. There is also a kind of coup d'etat from the Valkyries, but nevermind that. Basic as it is, it works perfectly for the main objective of this manga: show outstanding and over-the-top fights.

Art: 10/10
What to say, this is probably the main appeal of this. Everything and everyone look so fucking gorgeous. The art is incredible, and it have some panels that will make you scream due to the emotion. Just see it by yourselves, everyone looks so badass, it's just perfect

Character: 10/10
Okay, i wasn't so sure about what score I should give, but this should be fine. Okay, to the moment only 2 and a half fights has happened, but every character is so fucking charismatic, cool and badass. It's easy. They show you a flashback about each of them, the god and the human, wich is enough to catch affectin to each of them, dunno how. Oh, and speaking abou the humans, they are not random ones, they are the strongest humans that has existed in the whole Earth's story. (spoilers incoming i guess? ) Lu Bu, a badass beast. Adam, best daddy. And Sasaki Kojiro, cool as always. The gods are super dope as well, every one of them. Dunno, all the carachters are perfect for this kind of story.

Enjoyment: 10/10
Of course, it has to be a 10. This manga has probably some of the best fights I've ever seen. Dunno if I'm overhyped, but it has been amazing. The art is awesome, the carachters are super cool and the fights are just incredible.

Overall: 9/10
This isn't a masterpiece because of its simplicity, and it's far from ending. Maybe in 3 or 4 years it become one, or a mediocre manga, we will see.

Nevertheless, to have a great time, I doubt there is a better manga. Just give it a try. Oh, and a personal tip, read it while playing some Two Steps From Hell music, it's just the best.