Jul 16, 2019
billyism (All reviews)
I'll always find the elitists in these comment sections absolutely hilarious. Fear not, fellow MAL users, this won't be an elitist comment dissecting and purely focusing on the fact this anime is an "Issekai".

Yes, that's right, it's an Issekai. Oh no! Not another one! Yea yea, I know. I thought the exact same thing when I began watching it. Boy gets thrown into a video game-like world and has to use his powers to save it! Oh, also while being accompanied by attractive heroines. Creative!! But that's where they get you. The reason why I liked this anime so much, was because it went AGAINST the Issekai stereotype. Yes, it was in a video game world. Yes, there were heroines. But the story was deep. The characters were well paced and extremely creative.

Story: Wonderfully creative. It starts off making you feel like it's nothing special, but then takes a turn almost out of no where, delving you into a wild ride of well paced world building and great character development. It explains to you what is happening, and why. There's seemingly no plot holes. Point blank, it did a damn good job.

Characters: I've seen so many comments telling viewers that all this is, is another Loli harem with no developed characters. That, friends, is false. Raphtalia is the perfect example. A young child having to see her parents and entire village brutally murdered only to be sold into slavery and physically and emotionally abused directly after. A child with no hope for the world, thinking all is lost, only to be found by the least likely person. Our MC, Naofumi the Shield Hero. Another person in this world who was abandoned, broken and forsaken. The slow progression of their relationship, piecing each other together and finding light in this dark world, was absolute breathtaking. Yes, there is some fan service where partners compete for Naofumi's affection, but is that what we're calling a loli harem these days?

Overall: This anime is highly rated for a reason. It does nearly every aspect well and goes against the stereotype. Don't let the elitist comments detour you from this gem.