Jul 16, 2019
PeterFromRussia (All reviews)
2nd most popular anime currently on MAL ( by 16.7.2019), we'll see how well it will do in my review, will it be dissapointment like SAO or will it match it's current rating, we'll see.

I am reviewing ANIME so I won't be comparing how well it represents manga and etc.

\\ spoiler alert just in case //

Art: 9/10
Scenery looks amazing, fight scenes are fluent, it stays like this for 3 seasons, so if you like it, you will be pleased in future seasons as well.

Characters: 9/10
Since this is season 1 it is obvious that we are gonna be introduced to our protagonists and many more. Our 1st MC is Eren Yaeger, son of doctor Grisha Yaeger, he's very attracted to Scaut corps and wants to join one day and kill titans. Our 2nd MC is Mikasa Ackerman, her parents were killed in her childhood and she was abducted. Later she is saved by Eren, who kills guards and she saves his life from the last guard, she is very loyal to Eren, though he treats her often cold. 3rd MC is Armin Arlert. He is also Eren friend from childhood. His dream is to get out of walls and reach the sea, he is shown to be insecure when it comes to fighting titans. Even though Levi isn't really a main character in season 1 I'll include him because he's most popular in SnK by MAL. Captain of Scaut corps under leadership of Erwin Smith, he's the best soldier when it comes to killing titans, he has his elite team ( I'll get to this thing later) we don't really see much of his background, but we'll get to see that in later seasons

Character progression: 8/10
We get to see positive and negative traits and personalities of our characters, also bonding between our characters ( side characters included) it is done pretty well.

Story: 7/10
ELITE TEAM. I told I'll get back to this, but first let's do synopsis. Main story is in age, where titans have almost exterminated human race and few remaining humans lices behind the wall. In 845 a colossal titan broke wall Maria, which resulted in titans entering the wall and killing many, later appeared Armored titan and broke 2nd wall, which meaned that entire population of wall maria had to evacuate to smaller area of wall Rose. In the midst of chaos Eren's mother gets eaten by titan. From that point Eren enlist to army with one goal: killing all the titan's in 850 Colossal titan appeared again and broke wall Rose, in the invasion Eren founds out he can turn into a titan, because his father gave him something to make this possible. Rest of season is fighting titans, Human titan and trying to get to the Eren's basement, which holds secrets of titans. Now the elite team thing. I found balancing of power in SnK poor because Levi's elite team is shown to be veterans with multiple kills and great handling of their flying gears, but still they are taken out easily by Annie in Titan's form ( human titan). Later is shown that Annie had an extensive training, but I call this bullsh*t, there is no way that elite team of LEVI would be killed so easily.

Story progression: 8/10
Story has some nice plot twists and goes quite fluently, so no problem here.

Villains: 7/10
Annie " Human titan" Leonhart: 7/10 I wasn't really sure, if I should include Annie as a villain. She is developed quite nicely and overall she makes a decent villain.

Writer's addition: B&R aren't revealed as titan's yet so I'll exclude them in Villains.

Sound: 9/10
SnK has some of the most epic and brilliant melodies and soundtracks, mainly battle scenes background sounds are masterpiece, I am always tempted to give it 10.

Overall rating of Shingeki no Kyojin is 8,14/10 meaning 8/10, I think it's a pretty good result, but I'll still have some nitpicking about elite team in season 2 review once it comes.

Writer's addition: If I would exclude villains it would be 8,33/10 this is for people who does think Annie isn't a villain or are unsure like me.