Jul 16, 2019
CrusaderElly (All reviews)
Ahahaha, it's the fate cast, but it's a cooking show! Why do people make this! Why is it so good! :D

It's so sweet! And that's not a pun! Watching any 10-minute episode just brushes a smile on anyone's face. It's so lovely seeing the characters interact as friends, going grocery shopping, preparing for a festival, or going to the swimming pool. Everything is wonderful and happy and blissful!

Shirou is such a cooking boss! But we also get guest stars such as Archer and Rin; and we get to experience some other cast members that dearly needed more screentime in the main plot.

There's a lot of cooking, neat music, great visuals, Shirou explains it all; it looks delicious, and you may even be able to learn something from the master chef himself!

It's fate characters cooking, eating, and interacting. It's simple, and it's perfect. :3