Jul 16, 2019
klugpuff (All reviews)
A good reason to watch Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is to have a standard for bad romance anime. At first sight, even though the art is poor, you even get a slight glimpse of emotion and you think "maybe this will be cute". You wish.

As the story continues, all we get are random situations that could inspire some character development and offer some insights on their background, but everything falls flat and those situations lead to nowhere really. I wanted to like this story, but TNKK kept working against that will.

My biggest disappointment is the main couple. Shizuku is lifeless until the very end of the story. Haru, however, is a whole new level of annoying. For starters, he behaves like a rip-off of Disney's Tarzan. And then he goes on to act in the most controlling ways such as trying to stop her from studying, beating random men on the streets for looking at her, ordering her to go straight home from the places she goes to, etc. Not to mention he keeps accidentally beating her. And pays no mind to that.

Overall, it wasn't exactly painful to watch because I'm really into this genre, but it got increasingly bothersome. If you decide to watch it, you will get some cute scenes and it does check on some of the cliches you might be eager to watch, but don't expect your heart to skip a beat, it'll be a pretty forgettable experience.