Jul 15, 2019
ThatGuyNaruto (All reviews)
This is my very first manga, as well as my first review. So please bear with me. Keep in mind I have only read the first 20 chapters.

Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru is a simple yet sweet slice of life manga. The plot, without giving away any spoilers, revolves around the lives of the Shogi Club members - Ayumu and his senpai, Urushi.

Despite not being original, the story is truly heartwarming and wholesome. It stands out mainly due to its simplicity and genuineness. No cunning characters, complex premises or confusing events. In short, it is a very down to earth story, something we seem to lack these days.

This being my first manga, I really enjoyed the simple and clear lines. The characters were always beautifully done and consistent throughout the first 20 chapters. Besides, their expressions truly conveyed the emotions that otherwise would not be felt by the reader.

The events of the story always revolve around the activities of the club, which makes for longer dialogues and deeper character development. With each interaction the protagonists get to know each other better. As readers, we get to to observe their evergrowing affection through both perspectives, giving us insight on the traits that define each of them.

Overall, this was one truly lighthearted and enjoyable experience. The moments that are shared by these characters are the very definition of genuine and pure affection, and I loved every part of it.