Oct 12, 2010
poznati (All reviews)
I'm pretty new to the whole manga/anime scene, but despite that, I'm an avid reader and Godchild holds its own against my favorite novels. And honestly, I wish more novels were like this.

This is definitely a mature story, and not for people who are rubbed the wrong way by messed up family dynamic and "interesting" relationships. That having been said, Godchild has the right balance of disturbing, so it's just enough to give the story a healthy dose of macabre, but not enough to be excessive or ridiculous. It's full of twists and surprises, and I really mean surprises, not the kind that try to be surprising but never really succeed. There were many times I found myself thinking "WHAT THE" as I was reading this.

Woooowwww is all I have to say. Kaori Yuki really knows her stuff. Not only were the backgrounds, clothes, and character design all incredible, but you really get a sense of the raw emotion coming from each character, which I assume is hard to achieve. The art was easy to follow, and there were very, very few spots where things got a bit confusing.

Incredible. There weren't really any completely original characters going on here. You've got the tortured but noble and intelligent main character, the loyal servant, the innocent and lovable little sister, the lighthearted best friend, and a handful of villains doing evil things. Even so, Kaori Yuki takes these otherwise generic characters and molds them into something really unique. The villains weren't just walking around killing people and going "MWUAHAHA" and the good guys weren't just acting high and mighty and perfect. Plus who DOESN'T like a gorgeous and tortured main character? ;)

Oh, so much enjoyment. By the first chapter, I was already hooked. I even endured staying up until four in the morning with a massive headache to keep reading this. Once it was over, I found myself wishing for 100 more chapters. I can't even begin to explain how enjoyable this was to read.

I'm a pretty big fan of anything dark and Victorian, but even if that really isn't your thing, I'd be surprised if you don't love this. I stumbled upon this manga when I was simply looking for a nice horror story to spend my night reading, so I really wasn't expecting the pure amazingness that is Godchild. This story is haunting, tragic, beautiful, and completely mesmerizing. I can't wait to start my next Kaori Yuki manga.