Jul 11, 2019
marios_30 (All reviews)
I can see why people like this anime and i would have liked it a lot more myself if they didnt end it that abruptly .The only reason that i would read a manga in the 1st place is if the anime split for the manga(just like they did here) for some reason that they keep doing even to this day.(like seriously?)Or when they decide to prematurly give an ending to an anime cause they run out of material or budget reasons i guess.Either way i would prefer that i didnt have to be forced to read the manga to completely enjoy the full potential of an anime.I am the type of guy that gives a lot of attention to the epilogue and the endings so whenever this happens i am left with kind of a distaste.So u can watch the final episodes out of curiosity and then jump on chapter 106 of the manga.Or i guess u could just start right of the bat with the manga.I recommend this anime only if u are prepared/willing to read the manga as well.