Jul 10, 2019
Kiriikun (All reviews)
One of the greater Harems out there, at first I thought it would be boring seeming as there are using studying and such as their base for the series and the main character being smart, but I'd say if you are a fan of Harems then this is up your alley because it's pretty good to be honest yeah it's a bit cliché but who said being cliché is bad it's only bad when you use it badly but the author of this series is doing a good job with giving his characters such a cute/lovable personalities.

For a new studio that isn't well known I'd say they handled the animation and art pretty damn good especially the facial expressions they are all so cute that you'd end up screen grabbing most of them I know I did, also the main character is pretty likable my problem with past Harems was mainly the main character I found some of them can be a bit annoying but this guy in this anime just wants to help people out although I do think there is something going on between him and that tan girl but yknow that's just me shipping them together lol also the ecchi moments are there as well not as bold as heavy ecchi series but it's ok. I pretty much enjoyed this anime and this what I mainly look for when I'm rating an anime/series if I enjoy it, if the soundtrack is good, if the animation/art is decent and if the plot is good or interesting and so far this series nailed it for me currently waiting for S2 give this series a go if you want a slice of life ecchi harem with a studying theme for its base oh and the voice actors are so adorable.