Jul 8, 2019
Buyobae (All reviews)
An isekai manga which the main character takes power from breast milk that IS also enjoyable to read? Hell yeah!

Story: 7
- The story is pretty much about Kai, our main character saving the world and in the process, hooking up with girls with special boobies along the way. Eh? Is it instead the opposite? Anyways, the story part of this manga is pretty ordinary with some notable points in the world-building part.
- World-building: The world SnN takes place is heavily inspired by our world's state in early 19th century, with big industrial Empires making colonies all over the world, the twist here, is that the human race is a rare sight, and the world is populated by magical races, such as elves, dwarves or oni. The overall of world-building is done quite well with some level of research from the author.

Art: 8
- The art is really nice! Thanks to the fact that the manga is monthly, the art is really polished, especially Da bodey and Da booties ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), background art is well-done but nothing that commendable.

Character: 8
- Characterization in this manga, while having nothing notable, is done quite well. The main character development is satisfactory with him being scared and wimpy at the start but gradually he gain confidence and become much more admirable. Other characters, while not having any in-depth development, are all very likable, or in the antagonists case, pretty believable.

Enjoyment: 9
- The enjoyment is real in this one. The satisfactory development of the main character, the appropriate amount of struggle, the both relaxing and enticing intervals , the authors have done very well welding all those elements to create a very enjoyable experience for the readers.

Overall: 8
- This manga is written for the sake of bringing satisfaction for the readers and the authors understand that, at least up until this moment, the authors have stayed true to that purpose and not straying to any other path that would make the readers feel uncomfortable while reading (rape, ntr, too gory, etc).
- Since the manga is still on-going, this review is susceptible to later changes.