Jul 8, 2019
Franck_Nicolas (All reviews)

This is a futanary manga, but not a hentai, it s a comedy. It tells the story of a dude who tries to accept the fact that his beautiful girlfriend has a peni* in addition of her vag*na.

Well as all these kind of useless manga the plot is pretty dumb, however this one is okay, apart from all the futa thing it has pretty decent comedy. i think this is one of the best manga of it's kind. The characters have good peronnalities, i liked them. And there was good a few good moments of comedy. I must say i chuckled a few times reading this manga.

Since the girlfriend is supposed to be super-attractive there are a lot of sexy pictures but really soft. It doesn t seem to be the objective of the manga anyway.

The art isn t very good however the characters are pretty cool, the author seems to have put a lot of attention to the faces of the main characters.

I would recommend to read it if you like this kind of stories about romance between futas. Also if you are really tired and need to put your brain away, it can be a fair entertainment. Just don t expect much ^^'