Oct 10, 2010
razorblood801 (All reviews)
I personally find this series much better than Burn Up W.

(In comparison to Burn UP W)

the episodes are much more broad in origin; they aren't just restricted to the cops fighting crimes, they are more interactive amongst other characters and people.
It's also funnier. The jokes are much more outrageous and will get you cracking up, although most of them are sex jokes and are centered around Rio being a blonde stereotype. if you don't get offended by this show's crude humor, you will find this show hilarious.
it is an equal blend of comedy, action and also a bit of drama.

it's clever how generally every crime Team Warrior encounter all tie together. they all contribute to unfolding the storyline, (without ruining it for those who haven't watched it) it is all an unraveling from the past one of the members of Team Warrior which makes it quite intriguing, and generally interesting without getting too dark and emotional. so it won't stir you up.

the characters are much more unique. every main character has their own personality and are more refined. although in Burn Up W, Rio, Lilica, Yuji, Maki and Nanvel are practically the same. You get to see more of Nanvel and get to know her character better.

Also, the section chief seems more like a boss in Exess, in 'W' he is also perverted just like Yuji, so it's kind of just repeating his character. He also makes the show funny by calling Rio 'rookie' and making her appear as mischievous and annoying.

also bringing in a wide range of different characters gives the show more broad personalities, involving more cops, suspects, and people they encounter along the way. And all of them are anything but normal. which gives the show more hilarious textures.

Bringing in various regions like the Sahari Desert, Osaka, and also representatives from different countries, gives the show more culture, and it keeps the storyline outside of Neo-Tokyo, so that it isn't so predictable.

Although this show is Generic Japanese Anime, it deserves praise for how well it is put together and the entertainment value, there are also meaningful messages in some episodes that will help you appreciate it.