Jul 7, 2019
Artiomiz (All reviews)
This show has everything: from over-the-top randomness to action-packed magnum opuses.
After watching the 1st episode, you wouldn't think of it as anything special, probably even calling it a "Space Dandy and Cowboy Bebop rip-off". Once you reach the middle of the series though, everything you've been saying up to that point - void and null. All the tables have turned on you, whether its the modern cliches, stereotypes about Japan or the redundant themes in anime shows; none of that is in here. Everything about it is as original as it can get, just like the show itself.
Feel like you've watched every single Gundam show and you're still confused about their lore? Not a problem: Hizakuriger is the only Mecha in this show you'll need to know about its history. It's short, sweet and most of all - epic.
Can't stand the cringy humor in today's "comedic" shows that is clearly intended for the western audience to get all of its Japanese humor in one go, without the translator's explanations? This show is surprisingly up-to-date with every societal events happening in the world. No matter what ethnic group you fall into, you can get a kick out of this equally with other ethnic minorities along side with you. Speaking of equality...
You don't think that this industry promotes anything LGBT-related in our PG programming? Yuri on Ice isn't enough for you? Then allow me to present the embodiment of yaoi romance in our current age of Entertainment, presented by a covert bromance turned into to a homosexual relationship between two main characters. Aside from that, you have a flamboyant villain (?) with a growing yearning for one of the main characters. If this isn't enough to motivate you continue writing gay fan-fictions about your oc's that you made 10 years ago, then I don't know what is.
Soundtracks don't hype you out anymore as much as they did 15-20 years ago? You still want to feel like a kid trying to reminisce about the golden years of your childhood? With this Super Sentai-like ost, combined with jazz-like tunes to let you get a feel of this shows mood, you'll feel right at home, as if you're tuning into your favorite Saturday Morning shows from the 80s and 90s. You'll be jumping out of your seat, while singing the Hizakuriger song and dancing to the show's ED. It's pretty groovy, if you ask me.
Art? Well yeah, this anime is art.
Overall, it's pretty good. 10/10