Jul 7, 2019
section9necrosis (All reviews)
(At the time of this writing this review, I completed this anime 7 hrs ago and got caught up with the latest manga chapter, also I will score in decimal system)

This word has been used a lot recently in the anime community, to describe two kinds of shows:-

1. Shows which start off as a romance/comedy/harem but tend to portray tasteless nudity and constant pop-ups of of unnecessary fan-service,

2. The shows describing a plot regarding TABOO relationships eg: bro x sis, pop x daughter, bro x bro, mom x son etc.

Now, in the recent years shows like KUZU NO HONAKI(2017),25-sai no Joshikousei(2018) and DOMESTIC NO KANOJO(2019), garnered a lot of attention for displaying the psychological pressure on committing this TABOO, but mainly earned HATE from it, for no real reason

With these points in mind, a show comes in Spring 2019, which is not afraid in displaying this topic, but not in a dark light, in a light which can be accepted by children, ranging from the age of 13

Considering all of these, i will write a short review on each aspect

Plot/Story/Story Setting - 7.23/10

The plot is a simple unfolding of short stories wherein student and teacher get into eroge-situations, nothing more or nothing less, its set in a school for obvious reasons, and mainly centers around four students in a span of 12 eps, This is neither good or bad, but pretty average, this is the only point where the anime loses points

Implementation - 8.78/10
One of the strong points of this anime, and the reason which makes this anime unique. For 12 episodes, in the duration of 3 months, this anime continuously makes but logically-insane/ABSURD situations wherein the probability of happening these events is pretty high even in REAL LIFE, In just a span of 9 minutes the introduction and development scenes are well explained, filled with just the right amount of comic-itivity, Not a minute is wasted, one of the most smooth and friction less-transitioned frames are projected. The DIALOGUES, RETORTS, PROP MISHANDLING, LOCATION SETTING are top notch, Its a beautiful sync of many objects, including the background

Comedy of Terrors-8.03/10
This anime sits on a character based story development, wherein each anthology will get its own recognition based on how fast, loud and illogically-logical the situations are, its definitely observable that this anime is very intrinsically and smartly derived from previous ecchi failures

The other strong point of this anime is the wide array of unconventional characters(male cast), At this point of time, a very rare set of characters from other anime can be put in the same category as these members, each of them realize their love without any unnecessary side character push and don't waste time conveying it, This makes the anime light and fast, blending perfectly with its backdoor nudic comedy

Character Sync-7.15/10
A better job could have been done, the story never tries to push the characters into sharing screen time with other members who are not part of their story, eg: kojima-tachibana and saya-chizuru would have had some fun moments

Character Design/Art Direction-8.12/10
This is the other strong point, Going into this anime , I thought that designs would be pretty blatant and average, but the original design matches with the well drawn expressions making one of those rare anime, where people can laugh just by watching a face

Airing Duration-7.7510
Eventhough a 23 min. episode would be too long and may make the story boring, but a 9 min. short is too SMALL, at least 18 min. would make a better compliment

Some R+- shows tend to have a op/ed which really touches a string inside our hearts, kissXsis being one of them for me, but now nande-sensei has been added to the lIst

A must watch and highly recommended, not only because of the comedy, but somewhere along the story,the consumer himself gets invested on the characters and joins an emotional cord with them, rooting for their TABOO ROMANCE