Oct 9, 2010
insomnia89 (All reviews)
After waiting for one year, Conan Movie 14 arrived. It disappoints me, but I still think it's better than nothing.


The story begins at a biochemical research center where a group of terrors breaks in and steals some fatal germ and burn the research center. If you think the story will goes on as Biohazard, then you are totally wrong because this is Conan, a comedy with a love story.

Then the scene goes to the airship, which is owned by Mr Suzuki, the rich man who dreams to catch KID. He brings a diamond onto the ship and invites KID. So the passengers on the ship are clear: the kids, Ran, the Suzuki, KID, and the terrors disguised as air hostess and reporters.

The air ship flies from Tokyo to Osaka, along the path there is a city where precious Buddhas are displayed. The terrors plan to rob the Buddhas, and they use the germs to cause panic. The monks in charge of the Buddhas run away, but Hattori arrived and catches the terrors.

But don't forget the terrors on the ship! Conan cooperates with KID and kicked their ass.


Story is ordinary as usual, but there are still highlights.

First, KID is the main male in the movie besides Conan. He disguies as air hoster but is recognized by Ran. So he claims that KID is Shinji, Shinji is KID, and Ran believes in him! At the end of the movie when KID gets the diamond and is goiong to leave, Ran comes as usual and wants to say something. But KID is different from Shinji, he kisses Ran intead of repeating any cliches. Yes, kiss.

Second, KID saves Conan again. In this movie, Conan regards KID as parteners rather than enemy. They cooperates very well, this is a bad news to Hattori...

Music and Voice

The ED "Over Drive" by Garnet Crow is wonderful, I put it in my mp3 player for months.

We all know the cast of Mouri Kogorou is substituted. The new cast, anyway, is not as good as the previous one. Other casts perform well, if you are familiar with voice casts, you will find many famous names who cast many classical roles


If you are new to Conan series, you'll find this is an intersting detective movie with much enjoyment.
If you are a Conan fan like me, I think I don't need to comment much here. You have no reason to miss it.

(Thanks for the remind of ImperialX that I missed the last scene of the movie)