Jul 6, 2019
VilkaTheWolf (All reviews)
I picked this out because I wanted to read a 'delinquent romance' story. In that aspect, it didn't particularly meet my expectations.

Story: 6
Solid story about students wanting to improve the reputation of the school. However the romance was disappointing and the weird love triangle was unnecessary.

Art: 6
It was alright, but nothing outstanding. Quite similar to every other shoujo title from 2005 onwards. Hanako and Mamoru look exactly the same so it hard to keep track of who was who sometimes. Dougen and Tarou also look the same facially, but different hair colour.

Character: 4
None of the characters are particularly memorable, and Dougen's motivations are confusing and I generally dislike him as a character.

Enjoyment: 3
I enjoyed it that much that I read half and forgot about for a year and have only just come back to finish the rest.

Overall: 4
Although the first 10 chapters held my attention enough, it dimished severely afterwards. Coming to the end I skimmed words waiting for something actually exciting to happen. I was also extremely disappointed in the lackluster romance between Hanako and Tarou that literally went nowhere. The manga ends without actually resolving anything on a personal level between the characters. All-in-all, reading this was a waste of time.