Jul 5, 2019
Animegrin245 (All reviews)
Ok so... I know I make introductions to (most of) my hentai reviews but I got nothing... No I seriously got nothing... Ok fine... So Shishunki Sex has been out for a while now but I didn't make a review on it just in case it would have a second episode... but.. looks like that has not happened... so yeah... we gonna just be reviewing this shit now! So welcome to my review of: "Shishunki Sex"... Let's just start.

Story: 8/10.
The story for Shishunki Sex is good... but not at the same time. Shishunki Sex's premise (atleast the first episode) is about a student council prez who basically gets hornifed by the very thing she is trying to stop. And she has shmex with a guy, you know the good CONSENSUAL SHIT (fucking NTR). The story is pretty damn funny with Akane discovering the good stuff from the magazines. But I feel the story is just too short. A lot of hentai's nowadays are 15-20 minutes for the sake of offering more shmex scenes, and I am cool with that. But a lot of them could use just a little bit extra time to flesh out the story and that is the same problem I have with Shishunki Sex.

Art and Animation: 9/10.
The art in Shishunki Sex goes back in terms of the actual style of the art, as to me it feels like a 2014 hentai, which is actually a compliment. It does not try to be flashy with bright colors but goes for a melancholic atmosphere with it's coloring. Animation is also superb, it is made by Mary Jane which really shows in the amount of effort in the animation. Finally the chirography is top notch, I once scrolled though the manga and the anime is very faithful to it which is very reliving as the manga's panel framing absolute amazing!

Sound: 10/10.
It's a 2019 hentai. Sound is not something worth addressing... ITS GOODDDDDD

Character: 10/10.
Akane is one of the best females I have seen in hentai. TOO BAD I CAN'T FUCKING PUT HER ON MY LIST BECAUSE MAL IS NOT GETTING IT'S FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER! Sorry... anyways... Akane follows the student council trope but brings her own charm to it. There is superb character building in just 16 minutes. As soon as she picks up the magazine it instantly becomes hard to not like her. And as for design... Big Tiddies? Check! Thicc? Check! Boner? Check!

Enjoyment: 10/10.
I loved Shishunki Sex. Shishunki Sex managed to tell a captivating story in just 16 short minutes while also bringing one of my favorite hentai leads ever. The shmex scenes were out of this world and the VA is top notch. So yeah... ITS REALLY FRICKING GOOD!

Overall: 9/10.
Shishunki Sex is an amazing hentai that I feel defiantly earns it's spot among the greats! It was great and I recommend it to all of you! (P.S. I was kinda tired when writing this review so I hope it didn't turn out as bad 😂)