Jul 5, 2019
junmisugi (All reviews)
Seido High School Baseball Team is back and the start at Senbatsu (spring Koshien) brings a lot of experience but also gives some players a good perspective to rethink what they should do and how they could improve their bodies and skills.

Story and sound like always is here a top notch. In terms of art it's still good but there are some smaller sequences when animation isn't very detailed. New first years bring enjoyment to the team and also they made second and first years more heated to secure their important spots in first string. Mostly Act II is about changes and about training to develop into top athletes. Sawamura, Furuya and Kominato are doing their best to up their game and Miyuki is trying to be a better captain. Team grows and they have one goal - they want to go to summer Koshien even if this road will be bumpy and hard because of a lot of new opponents and strong teams.

I need to admire how studio did great job with adapting manga. It's not that common these days that they are telling story in the same way like author Terejima did in manga. I think that anime is "true" to manga in 95% or maybe even more than that and because of that I will give it additional one point.

After long "wait" between seasons it's very easy to enjoy this series and few characters are evolving in surprising way. New batteries are made, some players have downfall and others rise to occasion. Act II of Diamond no Ace on paper is easily the best season of all 3 so I rate it highest 10!