Jul 3, 2019
wainwrightdm (All reviews)
If you're like me and watched the anime before, then you are sure to feel the same joy by reading the manga.

For those of you who haven't seen the series Little Witch Academia is a story about Akko and her adventures at Luna Nova, the school where she learns magic to be like and one day meet her idol, Chariot.
The manga is it a little short for the development of the characters to really shine, but it does an okay job in getting the gist across. That being said, I do enjoy all the characters and liked seeing their interactions throughout my reading.
The story follows some of the material from the anime, but also includes some original pieces which I defiantly appreciated. Most chapters are essentially short adventures, but some do span over a few. I found most of them to be enjoyable, and they hit a wide variety of emotions throughout.
The art follows the usual "Trigger" style you'd come to expect if you've seen/read any of their work before and does a great job of conveying the emotions and humour of each panel.

Overall, Little Witch Academia is a really enjoyable manga, although a little short as a standalone story as the characters don't get as much development as the series. But, the manga will have you laughing and smiling throughout. If you've seen the anime before, then this will be perfect for you. If you haven't, I would recommend trying it and seeing if Akko and her crazy adventures are for you.