Jul 2, 2019
AsianG (All reviews)
For now at least from what I've watched so far this seems to be a very pure continuation of the Diamond no Ace series.
The story picks up right where the second season left off and you can tell that Madhouse has made sure that viewers who have been following the series will not be disappointed with this new continuation even with the 4-year gap since the last season.
The one thing I really wanted to praise in this review was the sound, cause holy crap, its been a while since I watched a baseball anime in recent memory and man the sound of the baseballs slamming into catcher's mitts and the bat hitting the ball definitely make my heart skip a beat. Also, the music overall is the same with some great new tracks to add to the high, uplifting tension that the games have.
Overall this seems like it will be a great, faithful continuation of this rising sports series to rival that of Major and other sports anime in general. I would highly recommend that even to people who don't remember much of this series to give this season a try again as it will take you right back in. And to the people who haven't started this series and are craving another sports anime this season, especially a baseball one, I would highly suggest you give this one a chance with it's huge lovable cast of characters and it's overall great quality.
Also, just a short note for the story since this season has only just begun but I'm loving the motivations of a lot of the characters already.