Jul 2, 2019
Pipe (All reviews)
One Punch Man 2 is just tiresomely stupid and ugly.

Four years ago, Madhouse animated One Punch Man aka OPM and blew the charts with an outstanding production. The fans waited four years for a sequel, and in exchange, they got a piece of trash that is in pair with productions just as "Mommy, please save my eyes," "Honey, I destroyed OPM." I do not know if "Boku no Pico" is better than this junk, but it is clear that J.C. Staff failed severely. In one sentence: OPM2 is the kind of sequel you may end up wishing you’d never seen. If you are an OPM follower, be advised, proceed with caution, and be ready for a long agony.

After watching the first episodes, I was feeling miserable (the feeling never changed). I was not expecting to see something poorly drawn by a group of professionals that cannot understand how an action animated sequence is made. The characters need a vibrant movement. However, in this production, the action is weird because they overused "still" sequences; they do not have the right direction (sound, art, etc.). Furthermore, the design is awful and disgusting.

All went wrong with OPM2. The animation is ugly, the colors are horrendous, the jokes are unbearable, the story... did this thing has an acceptable plot, maybe? Lastly, the fights are grotesque, uninspired. The story tries very hard to catch our attention with the comedy and the villains' performance. However, you cannot transform the wood in gold, and you cannot turn OPM2 in OPM because the jokes are bad. I do not know if it is the timing, the writing, the art, the sound, or maybe I became immune to OPM's charm, but the second season feels empty. The biggest mistake is asking more for a studio that isn't specialized in this kind of genres. They did what they could. Sadly, this sequel feels more like a cheap imitation than a sequel.

Worse yet, the story does not deliver a climax. This kind of animated series needs to have a precise harmony between action sequences, sound, art, and writing. OPM2 fails in most of them so, in the end, the fights, the comedy, are unconcluded. Call it a wrong direction, bad production, I call it lack of studio's experience. The result is an empty carcass titled OPM2.

Lastly, I can continue pointing the bad points of this mediocre show, such as the sound that for me is one of the most awful of the season because it does not help the fights and does not raise the action. However, there is some positive aspect, such as the introduction of some villains (Garou, his background) that are there to boost Saitama's performance. The direction improved in the last episodes where we can enjoy some outstanding action sequences. For example, when Garou fight against Genos. However, the poor management predominated during all the season killing the entire show. While OPM2 just implodes and burns, J.C. Staff missed a golden opportunity to display the otaku community that they can be a great studio again.