Oct 8, 2010
indigokhoos (All reviews)
How come this show isn't more popular nya?!
This anime deserve to be more popular.
From the title : Ramen fighter miki (English); I first thought that this anime would be about cooking mixed with fighting, but I was wrong. It has little to do with ramen. It is more about fighting in a very funny way.
I never thought that this anime would be full of comedy. I ended laughing so much at every episode. You can expect comedy of high quality at each episode.
The story is about a girl named miki who work in her mother's ramen restaurant and on her way to deliver ramen she encounters many opponents who want to fight her.
And her opponents have very particular characteristics.....
Every one of them have something against her and Miki , who is practically almost invicible, is always ready to fight (Lion roar), at the expense of the ramen which often get ruined during the fight. The situation in which they end up fighting is also funny.
Story: 9
Art: 9
I really like miki's evil teeth
Sound: 9
Character: 10.
The characters are really well developed. I like miki (I always had a preferance for strong girls: tomboy. If they are stronger than boys it's even better). The opponents are such that you would end up liking them because they produce their part of comedy.
Enjoyment: 10
Definetly a big 10. Just too funny anime.
If I could have given it 1000 , it would have been better